Friday, February 28, 2014

Sweet New Zealand #31 Recap

Thank you all who took part in Sweet New Zealand this February, and welcome to the recap! I am pleased to tell you also that you all won these products, courtesy of Fresh As, so please send me an email with your postal address. I look forward to see how you will use them! Also remember that next edition of Sweet New Zealand will be hosted by Frances from Bake Club.

I posted my first entry with the announcement for Sweet New Zealand, and because these days I am really into juices it had to be one!

But then I also posted something a bit more decadent… still, these Italian macaroons are dairy and gluten free, so I almost feel saintly!

Frances from the Bake Club

After many raw entries Frances has baked again, and a yummy banana loaf with walnuts and chocolate chips. Frances is also going to be the host for the next Sweet NZ, so look out for her announcement!

Me again, this had to go in, it was so delicious, a real summer trifle, and I used agar agar for the boysenberry jelly (as well as my husband's good - but not the most prized, whisky)

Marnelli and Christienne from Sweets and Brains

Marnelli seems to be the creative mind behind this one, and after disposing of her old mulfunctioning freezer she now has a new one and can make ice creams like this one. Good one! It looks delicious!

Allison from Pease Pudding

Well, you know how I feel about smoothies and juices, so you can imagine how I love these, and the pic of the first green smoothie is so pretty!

Lesley from eat, etc

In her post Lesley is talking about being able to eat nuts again since her allergic child (boy or girl Lesley?) has grown up and left the nest. And what a start! I love a nutty loaf.


  1. Grazie Alessandra! Can't wait to use my prize. Here's the link to Sweet NZ on my website for March:
    Look forward to hearing from all of you

    1. Thank you for hosting March Frances, I will updates banners et all :-).


  2. Thanks Alessandra - love those Fresh As products. Those summery drinks and smoothies above look so mouth-watering.

  3. Good one Lesley, I look forward to see how you will be using them :-).

  4. Great round up Alessandra and thanks for the Fresh As products, I'm looking forward to experimenting with them. I like Lesley's idea of using them in smoothies too.

  5. Cool, can you send me your mailing address? I am sure that I have it somewhere, but it would be good to get all the packs ready at the same time (and my filing is a mess now!!!)


  6. quante bontà!!!!!!!!!!!
    a presto

  7. Complimenti per il blog e per le ricette !!!
    Mi sono iscritta tra le tue lettrici !!!
    Se hai voglia di venire a vedere i miei blog eccoli !!! :)
    E questo e' di ricette per i bimbi !

  8. Wow awesome, thanks for the products! Just emailed you, hope it's not too late hehe. Awesome roundup I really want to try that smoothie

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