Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cooking more artichokes

The other day I posted this way of cooking artichokes (alla romana, Roman style) because it is the best way for me... and because we only had 4 artichokes :-). Then Sandra and John gave us 14 artichokes, 4 we gave to friends who came to visit us on Sunday, and 10 (a real luxury in NZ) I cooked yesterday.

Loredana suggested that I fill them with bread, egg, cheese and parsley (and maybe garlic) and I wanted to try.  I prepared 5 my usual way but also added some fresh basil leaves because I didn't have enough parsley, then I kept a bit of the chopped herbs and garlic aside and added one egg, some breadcrumbs and some grated parmesan. I made 5 'balls' and pressed them inside the artichokes. Topped with olive oil, added water at the bottom, and simmered everything for a couple of hours.

Ready! 5 of us for dinner, so one of each type for everyone, and we really liked them. Arantxa and I ate them early, it was a busy evening for us, first dance show (last one tomorrow), and I wanted to share with you a photo of her in the changing rooms, taping the ribbons of her ballet shoes.

Photos and Recipes by Alessandra Zecchini ©


  1. Ciao Alessandra, mi fa molto piacere leggere che hai provato questa versione e che ti è piaciuta ^_^
    La tua ballerina è bellissima!
    a presto loredana

  2. I tuoi carciofi sono molto appetitosi, mi piacerebbero nel buffet di Natale, per cambiare un pò gli antipasti!
    Un tuffo nel passato vedere questa bella ballerina....quanta danza ho fatto anch'io...
    buona giornata

  3. Hi Alessandra. I love artichokes - they have been very slow arriving down here, but I did manage to pick up 4 at the market on the weekend. First time I've seen them here and still quite expensive. I'm going to check your other recipe now - perhaps I will make two each way.
    Gorgeous photo of Arantxa :-)
    Sue xo

  4. @ Loredana, grazie a te!!!!

    @ Sue, I thought that you would have more in sunny Nelson... let me know if you like them :-)

  5. Golosiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!E che graziosa questa ballerina!Baci

  6. Mi piacciono un sacco i adoro in ogni modo....
    ps. che bella la tua ballerina!!!

  7. The photo of Arantxa is lovely. Our Artichokes were not very good this year, not enough rain! Usually I get at least 30 off a plant but this year I was down to only about 4 or 5. I have to admit to cheating and cooking them in the microwave, I have not the patience to wait for 1 to 2 hours :) Diane

  8. alessandra bellissime immagini e buonissimi i carciofi......e grazie mille per i complimenti alla mia torta e per il +1, sei deliziosa....un bacio e buona giornata Maria

  9. I have never prepared fresh artichokes...
    Those stuffed artichokes look so tempting!
    The photo of Arantxa is so pretty.

  10. @ Diane, what a pity for the low crop, maybe next year your plant will make more. In my garden I have the opposite problem: too much rain, they rot! Fortunately I got these from friends' gardens.

  11. I love your artichoke recipes and I will have to try it soon as it's one of ingredient s that I want to know how it can be cooked. Your daughter looks beautiful!

  12. Che belli questi carciofi...ripieni poi...!
    Un bacione!

  13. @ Nami, let me know how you go with the artichokes, I cooked them a few times in Japan (I used to get them from Kinokuniya, they were actually cheap because nobody bought them!) and my Japanese friends really like them even if none of them had had them before. I think that you will like the taste.

  14. They have to be delicious!! And the last picture seems a Degas!

  15. These artichokes look sumptuous, Alessandra, and I love the photo of your graceful little ballerina! We are thick in the season of "Nutcrackers" here in the Hudson Valley. Wishing you a fabulous holiday season!

  16. @ Barbara, yes it is that time of the year, ballet and shows everywhere and I am not exactly a 'ballet mum' so it is a bit hard for me to keep up :-).
    Her piece was Billy Elliot, which was quite different, but fun! Happy holidays to you too! XXXX!



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