Thursday, December 31, 2009

Weaving, and Happy New Year

A lifetime ago I used to be 'artistic'. I studied art, I painted, then I moved to textiles: printing, natural dyeing, weaving, embroidery... I learned to weave in Japan, and when I moved to New Zealand I got myself a loom, big and old, impressive. That was about 12 years ago...

And then the children came, from art I moved into writing, and food, and the loom was used twice. This is the second project I have on it...a scarf with beads, very fine, a simple exercise really (if it wasn't for trying to insert beads from time to time), and yet unfinished.

We are wanting to move my home office upstairs, in the 'loom room' (how we call it) and to make space the loom should a better home. To someone who would use it, a better weaver!

But after taking this decision I was filled with regret and sadness. I may not have time to weave now, nor in the next year, as I plan to spend at least 6 months overseas, but I still want to keep my loom!!!

Textiles were my first love. Maybe one day...who knows? My New Year resolution is to find a space for a desk without selling the loom :-)
And perhaps to finish my scarf?

Happy New Year to all!



  1. I wish the new year let you fullfil your dreams and exploit your inner talents!All the best dear Alessandra!Happy 2010!
    A big hug from Italy!

  2. Grazie Saretta, a big XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    from New Zealand, and happy 2010!

  3. Happy New Year Alessandra. I hope the year brings you much happiness and success.

  4. Thank you Barbara and all the best to You and your family!

  5. Many Happy New Years to you and your family Alessandra.
    I have learned a lot about you from this post. Thank you for sharing.

    I hope you find room for your much loved loom, it is part of your past, present and your future.

  6. I hope so to Mangocheeks, we will see, I am always open to the future :-)

  7. Interesting - I would love to try weaving one day! I find I go through seasons in my crafting. I used to do a lot of smocking and embroidery but now I've moved on to paper craft. I used to sew a lot too, and while I still do some projects it's not really a major thing any longer. Work, children, home responsibilities all impact on my creative time & my interests, patience and focus have changed too.
    There are a few things I plan to investigate if I am blessed to retire eventually! Painting, felting & pottery for example. I may even get back into smocking if I get grandchildren! ;-)

    Can the loom be taken apart and stored somewhere safe perhaps? It seems a shame to shut the door on it entirely.

  8. The loom could be taken apart, Penny, but then I fear that it will never come out of storage...

    I can feel for everything you say, I am sure that will both find time to be 'crafty' in the future, just with children we need different 'skills' more at present :-)



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